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Feeling Flirty?

Feeling like a new wine to try? Ruth-Anne’s Gourmet Market has a new item in that’s just waiting for you, waiting to be your wine affair.

Flirt wine, from Flirt Winery in California, is a red blend meant to be a little bit different, that exciting little foray you can make into the unknown while taking a break from your standby wines. Marked with the tagline “Your other wine will never know,” its unique label with a pair of smiling, mysterious eyes is just asking you to come and find out more.

Made from a combination of Syrah, Tempranillo and Zinfandel, Flirt is a kaleidoscope of flavor and taste. There’s just a trace of sweet and fruit when it first hits your tongue, followed by a more mellow, semi-dry taste from the syrah. There are light undertones of fruit flavors, and the smooth blended flavor of the variety of grapes that it comes from.

Flirt is a wine for every occasion. The semi-dry, smooth red wine flavor would make a fantastic companion to a meal of steak and potatoes, or with an Italian chicken pasta. It would also be a hit at a party that included wine and cheese, a different but widely appealing flavor for people of varied tastes. If you don’t want to share, open it yourself when you’re settling down for a night of solitude: drink Flirt as you read, watch a movie, or eat a piece of chocolate cake.