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I Want Candy, I Want Candy

Ruth-Anne’s Gourmet Market doesn’t just bring you delicious dips and sauces and salsas, we bring you sweets and treats as well. We have several new chocolate choices for you, waiting to be tasted.

If you’re looking for a small snack and like fruit with your chocolate, we have a cherries and almonds in dark chocolate, 1.3 oz bar from Chocolove. Quality dark chocolate is a wonderful balance of sweet chocolate with the smooth bitter, balanced here with the tart sweetness of cherries and mellowed by the woody taste of almonds. A variety of flavors, joined in one delightful snack.

We’ve also brought in a new Alaska Huckleberry Bar, three ounces of fruit chocolate gold. From the same company the brought Ruth-Anne’s the Espresso Caramel Bar and the Raspberry White Chocolate Bars, the new product is milk chocolate with Alaska huckleberries, blueberries and candied hazelnuts mixed in. The finished product has nuts and berries sprinkled on top as well, and is drizzled over with dark chocolate. Indulge yourself.

If you trend towards the cookie rather than the candy bar, We also have Chocolate Delights Cookie Truffino, from Elsa’s Story. Little, bite-sized chocolate covered cookies, they are a unique delicacy type of cookie. Put them out for a gathering, or try a couple with your coffee.

Ruth-Anne’s has also gotten in an excellent example of a time-honored classic, the chocolate wafer cookie. Remember your childhood with the dollar packages, telling your parents No they do not taste like cardboard. Streit’s Chocolate Flavored Wafers do not taste like cardboard, but smooth, light chocolate.

If you’re looking for a new candy or sweet treat, come in to Ruth-Anne’s and try some of our new products. Snack, dessert, or treat to share, they don’t disappoint.