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A Rosé by Any Other Name, in Portuguese

Ruth-Anne’s has yet another new wine in, awaiting your appraisal and enjoyment the next time you come in.

You may remember having seen a white wine called Gazela on our shelves last summer; The Gazela Vinho Verde with a light, almost tropical flavor and aroma, blending fruit and floral tones with a refreshing bit of carbonation. It’s a delightful wine from Portugal, still available at Ruth-Anne’s, and now it’s not alone.

New to Ruth-Anne's Gourmet Market is the Portuguese Gazela Rosé wine, a sweet, interesting addition to any wine-lover's stock. The Rosé is a light but still vibrant shade of pink, and when poured you can see it has a bit of carbonation causing some light bubbles. The carbonation and fizz may not be what you expect from wine in general, but it’s almost like it awakens the wine; it brings out more flavor and undercurrents in the wine, which are well worth emphasizing.

The nose of the Gazela Rosé is light and a bit airy, with fruit undertones. The flavor is smooth, a bit sweet but not so much that anyone will find it overbearing, and a bit of zing at the end to balance out the sweet, and the fizz. The taste has a bit of floral to it, a bit of fruity to it, and while light the flavor is by no means one that will be lost or missed among others.

If you pair your wines to your dining, try Gazela Rosé with fish or seafood; the mellow yet robust flavors and freshness of each are well matched to each other. The flavorful but inoffensive Rosé would also be well paired with the wide variety of tastes in Asian cuisine, or something as simple and straight forward as a salad or cheese plate.

While similar to the Gazela Vinho Verde, the Rosé is a bit less tropical, and a bit more mellow for your dining pleasure. Slightly less adventurous, perhaps, but mild in a way that makes it sure to please a wide variety of people. Come in to Ruth-Anne’s to check it out, and perhaps we will even have a bottle open for you to try.