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Now This Is an Estately Wine

Ruth-Anne’s Gourmet Market has long carried wines from Weggy Winery, a quality vineyard in Muscoda, Wisconsin, and we are now happy to bring in another of their fine local drinks: their semi-dry Sabrevois.

The Sabrevois grape is a hearty, vigorous variety built for the weather of Wisconsin. Capable of surviving temperatures down to -31˚F without any damage to the vine, Sabrevois is known to withstand all but the harshest winters Wisconsin and Minnesota can provide. Almost black in color, the wine is a deep red.

Weggy’s Sabrevois is made from estate grapes, an interesting process. Estate wines, as they are called, are those wines whose creation is entirely contained to the winery. From growing the grapes to crushing them, fermentation and bottling, being ‘estate’ wine requires that every step be on land owned or controlled by the winery, and it never leaves the premises during the process. The land of the vineyard also has to be of a certain grade, entirely in a viticulture area marked for high quality conditions for grape growing. This Sabrevois is 100% local Wisconsin wine, being grown at Weggy’s Oak Ridge Vineyards and processed by Weggy Winery every step of the way.

The flavor of the Sabrevois is smooth, and not quite entirely dry. With just a slight touch of fruit undertones, it has a robust but also strait-forward flavor: small edges of slight, almost sweet, light taste that level off into a more powerful dry flavor. It has a little bit of a fruity aroma, matched to the smooth, full, fluid flavor that awaits you in this bottle.

Weggy’s Sabrevois is a semi-dry, smooth but still flavorful red wine, and it is an excellent candidate for the classic red wine to red meat pairing. It would be a wonderful match for a grilled steak, possibly with some sautéed mushrooms on the side. If you’re fond of dessert first, try Weggy Sabrevois with dark chocolate cake.